About Us

Talia's Cookies is based on old world Italian tradition and family.

Talia is a fifth generation Italian-American baker. Talia and her family produce some of the best baked goods you ever tasted, blending Italian and American recipes and flavors.

Originally, Jack and Sadie Drago came to America from Italia (Italy) where Talia gets her name. The original bakery run by Jack and Sadie (Americanized names) is no longer in existence, but Talia's mom, Tina, having spent her childhood learning how to bake from Talia's grandma, opened the first modernized family bakery as Mudd Pie Girl Bakery. The bakery opened and served Charleston, SC from 2010-2017.

The family relocated to central Illinois where Talia and brother Liam's dad hails from. The bakery re-opened as Talia's Cookies in Taylorville, IL. Sadly, the doors were closed because of the COVID pandemic. Thankfully, some laws in Illinois changed in 2022, and allowed Tina and Talia to start baking from their home kitchen.

Fast forward to summer 2024, and Tina, Talia, and brother Liam are moving to the Pensacola, Florida area, to bake with Talia's Aunt (Tina's sister) and Grandma (Tina's mom). Don't worry! Talia's will be shipping nationwide!

Wondering where you may have had some of our baked goods? Here are a few fun events we were invited to bake for over the years, both as Mudd Pie Girl Bakery, and now Talia's Cookies.

  • Y'all Fest 2015 - We supplied the authors with over a dozen different pies. While Talia was just a baby, mom, Tina, almost ran right into R.L. Stein (Goosebumps) carrying a large stack of pies! (Charleston, SC)


  • GOP Convention 2016, Media Room Dessert Bar (Charleston, SC, hired by Yahoo!)


  • Cupcake Camp - Tina was a panel judge! (Charleston, SC)


  • Pie Face Beer by Holy City & Mudd Pie Girl Bakery - Mudd Pie Girl Bakery supplied the scratch made graham cracker, that was infused with lemon for Pie Face Beer. The beer set a Holy City Brewery record and sold out about as fast as it could be served!


  • All About Beer Magazine - Tina and her raspberry almond pie were featured in All About Beer Magazine.


  • Homegrown Tour - Hootie & The Blowfish, Justin Moore, and Collective Soul. We catered desserts for the band and family, backstage. 2012 (Charleston, SC)


  • Charleston River Dogs - What goes better with a red hot at the ballpark? A hand-pie of course! We supplied this farm team to the New York Yankees with hand pies for a season before moving to Illinois.)


  • Night of Stars - WestSide Christian Church - 2024


  • Exclusive smash cake provider to award winning newborn photographer, Selena Stoney, while living in Charleston, SC. Fun fact! Tina had started baking a smash cake for one of Selena's clients when she went into labor with Liam! Don't worry! Tina finished the cake before heading to the birth center!


  • United States Coast Guard - Christmas party dessert bar (2014 and 2015) in Charleston, SC.